Human Resource Sourcing

It is often said that the right team creates the best possible culture. It is a fact that the bigger your organisation, the more time and effort you require to spend on HR related activities. DOSL Limited can take away the mundane tasks from you while you focus on the more critical issues.
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You can leverage from our large network of expertise in Human Resource sourcing to find the right candidate with the right attitude, aligned to your organisation’s values and ethics. Our experienced consultants will ensure that whoever is referred to you has passed the DOSL’s high standard professional screening exercise with near 100% fit to the role and organisation’s culture.

Our commitment:

We commit to present the right candidate with the right skills, value and work ethics first time.

Coverage Includes

  • All project related roles
  • All administrative functions
  • Finance roles
  • IT support roles
  • IT auditing roles
  • Customer services roles

Our service will provide you with peace of mind and knowledge that time is not being wasted on mundane activities, resulting in value added outcomes for your teams.

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