Project Management Training

With changing landscape, more businesses now rely on a formalised project management approach in managing and delivering their business needs and requirements. Businesses and key employees in particular need to master these skills and techniques to implement the necessary changes in order to react to continuing changes in their environment, their market, and the ever-changing needs of their customers.

However, the fact still remains that the overwhelming majority of people involved in the management of projects are not qualified, and a huge number have never had specialised training of any kind.
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With our highly experienced project managers who each have deep-rooted practical knowledge in the field and concepts of project management, our candidates stand to gain first-hand knowledge and application of the tools and techniques of project management. Our fundamentals in project management cover all aspects of the discipline from project planning through to project leadership and delivery.

The contents are tailored to align with the specific needs of our customer’s and flexibility to specific project deliverables. Corporate clients can also build a bespoke project management course outline in order to suit their own company project requirements, incorporating the modules which cover the subject they want to integrate into their business.


  • Introduction to Project Management – This is a one day intensive training course providing candidates with an overview of the key concepts and techniques.
  • Fundamentals of Project Management and Delivery – This is a detailed overview of the principles of project management with detailed focus on each project life cycle delivery.

All of our courses are weekend based for your convenience.

Some focus areas are:

  • Setting up projects for success
  • Acquiring project teams
  • Tools for effective project execution
  • Project finance and auditing
  • Project reporting
  • Project closure

For candidates who are preparing for certifications in project management, (Prince 2, PMP) we can also deliver training that is aligned to the respective methodologies. Please contact us for further details.


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